“Freeway, Runway, Beach”: Annabel Osberg, Faris McReynolds, Jaqueline Cedar

“I’m Here for You”: collaborative paintings

July 6th – August 10th
Hours: Thurs – Sat, 2 – 6 pm or by appointment

EVENT: Exquisite Corpse drawing party, Saturday August 3rd, 2 – 5
Surrealist collaborative drawing session — Adult focused and tween+
Annabel Osberg and Faris McReynolds will give a short show-and-tell of their work.

$eriou$ Topic$ is delighted to present “Freeway, Runway, Beach” a show of recent paintings by Annabel Osberg, Faris McReynolds,
and Jaqueline Cedar; and show-within-a-show, “I’m Here for You”, collaborative paintings with many artists started in 2021, some as yet to be finished.

Jaqueline Cedar, Edge, 2024, Acrylic on panel, 20×24 inches

Freeway – Jaqueline Cedar: “I spent time in LA this past winter and I have been thinking a lot about driving, masses of cars, flow of traffic, dance-like video game weaves in and out of lanes, lights cast at night, and anthropomorphized human-less vehicles.

Annabel Osberg, 2024, All Ways, oil on linen, 60 x 48 inches

There’s a Runway that trails off into the distance and disappears after passing through a prism or being transported through a vortex, eventually becoming eclipsed. This can be thought to describe Annabel Osberg’s current offerings.

Faris McReynolds, 2024, Floe Dance, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches

Beach – Faris McReynolds of his paintings for the show: “The people on the beach are at the end of a journey of discovery, a conquest, looking for the next horizon to uncover. Looking back at you.”

Dave Muller, Joshua Aster, + Kristin Calabrese, 2021-4, I’m Here for You, acrylic and oil on panel, 11 x 23 inches

Jaqueline Cedar was born in Los Angeles, CA and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. In 2009 she received an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University. Recent exhibitions include Shelter Gallery, New York (2023), TV Projects, Brooklyn (2023), Long Story Short, New York (2023), Shin Haus, New York (2022), Smoke the Moon, Santa Fe (2022), Ladies’ Room, Los Angeles (2021), 11 Newel, Brooklyn (2021), Peripheral Space, Los Angeles (2021), Hesse Flatow, New York (2020), Drawer NYC (2020), Field Projects, New York (2020), Underdonk, Brooklyn (2018), and David Risley Gallery Velvet Ropes, Copenhagen (2018). Press includes Artnet, Hyperallergic, Huffington Post, Two Coats of Paint, New American Paintings, Gorky’s Granddaughter, Painters’ Table, and The Boston Globe.

Annabel Osberg (born 1989, Loma Linda, CA) is an artist and critic based in Southern California. Osberg graduated summa cum laude from California State University, San Bernardino with a BA in studio art, attended Yale, and received her MFA in painting from Boston University. Her art addresses the surreality of life, posing existential questions about what it means to be human. With shallow, disjunctive spatiality and luminous hues, her paintings often evoke vacuous onscreen realms populated by sundered hybrids of flesh, blood, and nature. Her work has been included in recent exhibitions at the University of La Verne and Ladies’ Room in Los Angeles. In addition to her studio practice, Osberg regularly contributes to Artforum; and has penned hundreds of articles about art and culture for other publications including Art in America, the Financial Times; The Huffington Post; The Brooklyn Rail; AEQAI; and Artillery, where she served as an editor and weekly columnist. She has also authored numerous monographs and catalog essays.

Faris McReynolds (born 1977, Dallas, TX) is a Los Angeles-based artist and musician. His paintings have been shown in solo exhibitions around the world and have been featured in Details, Art Papers, Flash Art Magazine, Tema Celeste, and ArtWeek. McReynolds grew up in Richardson, TX, the son of an Indian mother and an American father. He spent his childhood between Texas and Mumbai, and appeared in the 1985 Bollywood movie Shahadat, when he was eight. From 1990-1998, he played bass guitar in Dallas based skate-punk band Family Values. During that time, they toured the American southwest. He started publicly showing his paintings in 1998, and in 2000, he received his BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.